Industrial and Manufacturing

With the increased emphasis on reducing Carbon Foot Print along with lowering running costs M & S Water Services Limited offer a comprehensive and cost-effective management programme. Utilising the latest in chemical treatments, which are environmentally friendly, from small to large scale companies we provide a suitable site-specific package that has been proven to reduce running costs.


From office buildings to large scale developments M & S Water Services Limited tailor a water treatment programme for single site to multi-locational properties. Collating all accumulated data centrally ensuring instantly accessible information for the client. From Legionella Control to Closed System monitoring and analysis we keep your systems safe, clean and compliant.


From Shopping Centres, supermarkets and chain stores M & S Water Services Limited support our clients with all aspects of their Water Treatment needs including Closed Systems, Pre-Commission Works and services covered under the ACoP L8 and HSG 274.

Health and Social Care

M & S Water Services Limited have a number of specialists who assist with the requirements of medical centres, dental practises, hospitals and care homes. We support them in Legionella Control, Risk Assessment and Pre-Commission Cleaning to form an effective treatment programme.

Public Sector and Housing

Whether it a government, local authority or housing association buildings or facilities we help with setting up and running of a suitable and site-specific water management programme, which will ensure the water systems are kept in a clean and safe condition through ongoing monitoring and analysis while complying with the relevant legislative requirements.

Food & Beverage

M & S Water Services Limited have a long history working in this sector, ranging from Breweries, Bakeries to food processors (including Halal) and farms. We offer a full range of FDA approved chemicals for use in Boiler Water, Cooling Water, Domestic Water, Process Water and Closed Systems. We help our customers comply with the requirements of BRC, whether carrying out Legionella Risk Assessments and Control Programmes to supplying Plant and Equipment.

Hospitality / Leisure

With the introduction of HSG 282 “The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems” the risks associated with Legionella Bacteria in this sector has increased and as such so has our expertise. We assist in all areas of Legionella Control from Risk Assessments to ongoing Water Monitoring for hotels, sport and leisure centres, conference facilities and sports stadiums.


M & S Water Services Limited work closely with Schools, Colleges and Universities to provide an extensive and wide-ranging water management programme. This includes Closed System monitoring and analysis, Pre-commission cleaning works, Legionella Control and Risk Assessments in addition to any remedial works. All this ensuring that these systems are kept compliant and safe for use by the staff and students.
"We know we’re in good hands and our systems are safe" Adrian Bennett