Legionella Risk Assessment

Competent and Experienced

All risk assessments are carried out to the requirements of the ACoP L8, HSG 274 and BS8580:2010.

Our Risk Assessors are highly trained to carry out the assessments on all water systems ranging from domestic water through to cooling water systems. Any water systems that carry a risk from Legionella Bacteria can be assessed.

Thorough analysis of the site produces a detailed description of site services and the results are presented in hard copy and electronic version.

Tailored to your needs

Our assessments are easy to understand and are site specific which removes a lot of generic and duplicated information. They include everything required for a customer to become compliant, who at present, have nothing in place.

  • Site specific survey – Detailing asset record and current conditions
  • Photographic evidence of findings – Highlighting areas of concern
  • Schematic Drawings – Accurately detailing site systems
  • Legionella Logbook – Enabling ongoing accountable record keeping
  • Recommendations – Actions required to achieve full compliance

Our expertise

We work closely with our clients enabling us to create the ideal monitoring regime, maintenance programme and management system to protect the workplace, the staff and the environment. On completion of the assessment a site meeting is carried out to go through the findings of the report and any recommendations made and how we can assist the customer in their implementation.

"Thank you for your quick response, excellent workmanship and professionalism." Paul Hyatt