Domestic Water Systems

ACoP L8 (fourth edition) and HSG 274 compliance

Effective and cost-efficient monitoring and maintenance programmes tailored to your needs which ensure the safety of the domestic water systems. In turn, this protects the users of the services from the risks associated with Legionella proliferation.

Legionella Water Hygiene and monitoring

We offer a comprehensive range of Legionella Control on Domestic Water Systems as well as other Legionella susceptible systems to provide you with a safe working environment.

  • Water Temperature Monitoring – Monthly or weekly per customer requirements
  • Showerhead cleaning, disinfection and descale – Leaving showers free from contaminants
  • Inspection of Cold Water Storage Tanks – Checking for sediment, biofilm and fouling
  • Water Sampling – Comprehensive independent laboratory analysis
  • Clean and disinfection of Cold Water Storage Tanks – Ensuring systems are safe to use

Our expertise

We have a large amount of friendly, dedicated staff who are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all aspects of Legionella Control. We are able to assist from initial site survey, to Risk Assessment to ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

"We know we’re in good hands and our systems are safe" Adrian Bennett