Cooling Water Treatment

Corrosion and Scale prevention, leading to Legionella Control

An effective treatment programme is essential to maintaining a good clean water environment, leaving your systems free from scale, corrosion and other Legionella forming conditions.

With the correct water treatment programme, we can keep corrosion and scale levels to a minimum which will allow the system to operate at maximum efficiency.

Using the correct inhibitors, we can extend the lifespan of the pipework from an average of 8 years up to 28 years helping to prevent unscheduled breakdowns and therefore saving money.

How we can help

We work closely with our clients to help choose the right chemical treatment package to suit their requirements.

  • Effective treatment programme – Reducing running costs
  • Scale corrosion protection – Removing potential hosts for harmful bacteria
  • Foampack cleaner – Eliminating the expense and hazards of pack removal
  • Pack Replacement - Maintaining Cooling Water efficiency
  • Service and control equipment – Maximum protection for minimum cost
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis – Ensuring Cooling Water is in optimum condition

Our expertise

From initial Risk Assessment to ongoing monitoring, through to foam cleaning of pack, our highly skilled and experienced staff can help can help you maintain a safe working environment free from Legionella Bacteria while keeping your systems working efficiently.

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