Closed Systems

Safe and cost-effective operation

Closed systems have fixed volumes which circulate continually with low loss of water. It is sealed from the elements and has no contact with the open air. Having the correct treatment programme in place will ensure that your systems are running cost effectively.

Management and control

Closed systems are prone to microbiological fouling, corrosion, scale formation and the accumulation of solids. M & S Water Services Limited can provide a range of chemicals and site-specific monitoring programme which will enable your systems to work efficiently.

  • Scale and Corrosion – Specialised inhibitors reduce running costs
  • Microbiological – Specific Biocides target bacterial growth including Pseudomonas
  • Freeze Protection – Ethylene and Propylene Glycol Combat Extreme Temperatures
  • Analysis and Monitoring – Testing regime provides updates on current system conditions

Our expertise

Having a wide range of closed system water treatment chemicals enables us to choose the right programme to suit your needs. Our experienced staff are quick to react and enjoy building a good working relationship with our customers.

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