What we offer

M & S Water Services Limited offer a wide range of plant and equipment for all areas of Water Treatment, whether this for Boiler Water, Cooling Water, Closed Systems, Domestic Water or Process Water.

Bespoke Systems

To aid professional maintenance of water systems M & S Water Services Limited have undertaken research and development which has resulted in the establishment of a full range of advanced water treatment chemicals. The product range is complimented by equipment used for pre-treatment, dosing and control.

  • Water Softeners – Reduces Scale formation and helps maintain effectiveness
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems – Offers high purity of water
  • pH Correction Systems – Balances the water to decrease corrosion growth and support efficiency
  • Chemicals – Wide range, for all aspects of Water Treatment, including FDA approval.
  • Control & Dosage Equipment – bespoke systems, specifically designed for any Water Treatment application
  • Private Water Supplies – Provide analytical and on-site monitoring to comply with current regulations

Our expertise

M & S Water Services Limited work closely with numerous manufacturers of Water Treatment plant and equipment and are able to provide bespoke systems, chemicals or equipment for our customers.

"Excellent service provided by the on-site, well organised staff" Tony Flint